Leela Yoga & Wellness provides yoga workshops, classes and special events for individuals, businesses / corporations, schools, community centers, youth / after-school programs, shelters and organizations. 

Serving our clients on location, in their communities within Boston and it’s surrounding areas, we aim to guide adults and children down a playful path toward overall wellness, providing holistic, fun and empowering yoga-based programming. By exploring expressive movement, breathing techniques, affirmations and strategies, in addition to yoga practices that are welcoming to all levels, we encourage healthy lifestyle habits, assisting in laying the foundation for physical, mental and emotional healing, while boosting self-esteem and fosterer a sense of community and connection. 


Our Mission 

  • To provide tools and techniques that lead adults and youth down a path toward embodied empowerment by helping them address physical, emotional and mental barriers.

  • To strengthen children's ability to self-regulate.

  • To create a supportive environment, where each participant feels safe, respected, seen and encouraged.

  • To nurture the playful spirit and celebrate the uniqueness of each and every person that we encounter.


Candid image taken during  Marlene Boyette' s  Yoga Movement Experience workshop  at  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum .  Photo Credit : Lauren Miller

Candid image taken during Marlene Boyette's Yoga Movement Experience workshop at The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Photo Credit: Lauren Miller