Adult Yoga & Wellness

As an instructor, I am dedicated to using the mind-body connection philosophy of yoga as a direct approach to address concerns that people may have regarding stress, trauma, self-care and overall wellness.  It is my belief that learning how to first reconnect with your mind and your body as a whole; to become more aware of triggers, stressors, habitual patterns, resistances (without judging yourself*), to become aware of how one presently feels, both physically and emotionally, are the first steps towards strengthening, learning and healing. 

Adult Yoga & Wellness classes and services offered by Leela Yoga are tailored to the individual. I welcome all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, athletic ability or economic status. You do not need to be experienced or well versed in the practice of yoga to reap it's gifts and benefits.

Some Benefits of Yoga 

  • Increases Body Awareness

  • Improves Emotional and Mental Balance

  • Assists in Neutralizing Stress (Decreases stress hormones cortisone and adrenaline)

  • Improved Circulation

  • Increased Core Strength

  • Improved Muscle Tone

  • Decreased Back Pain (bringing elasticity to the spine & strengthening muscles in the back*)


Both group classes and private lessons are available for adults. View class schedule on this site or contact us to inquire about private lessons.