Yoga Instructor, Marlene Boyette  Photo Credit: Uroyoan Nazyat, Boston

Yoga Instructor, Marlene Boyette

Photo Credit: Uroyoan Nazyat, Boston

I am passionate about many things, however my greatest joy and inspirations have been found while in the presence of children. This fact led me toward the field of education, where I have worked in various capacities for over a decade. Presently,  I am employed as the Yoga & Meditation Instructor at The Advent School in Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, MA.

Throughout my career, I have come to know so many amazingly inspiring adults and children. Each, unique and special in their own way and each possessing the following  4 things: a need to be understood / cared for, a need to feel safe, a need to be encouraged and a need to experience joy & be playful. Being confronted with the needs of my students brought about a great deal of reflection, regarding my own life experiences.  It also roused a sense of responsibility, uncovering an awareness of what I believe is my purpose; to teach adults and children in a more meaningful, holistic way,  using my own experiences to connect with my students through understanding, compassion and the ability to directly relate to many of the things that make them the most vulnerable. This awareness was my pathway to teaching yoga.

My personal yoga journey began shortly after I relocated from Central Massachusetts to the Boston area in 2003, albeit casually. In an effort to self-regulate (via Hatha yoga) after long hours working as a Teacher / Youth Educator, I attended weekly yoga classes at a local gym and began practicing at home with the help of podcasts.  What I found early on in my yoga journey was a feeling of peace and calmness that was comparable to what I discovered on one of my exploratory long walks through the woods as a young person. The calm that came to me by way of yoga began to affect the way that I thought, the way I interacted with others (and myself*) and more specifically with my students. It heightened my compassion and also deepened the desire that I had to do more meaningful work.  I found myself  incorporating yogic breathing  techniques and various yogic principles & practices into my daily interactions with students.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of my students and motivated by a conversation shared with a co-worker, I pursued my Yoga Teacher Training with Sharon Trull and first became a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor through Child Light Yoga. This certification was later enhanced by my 200 hour YTT completed with 4 Corners Yoga of Dorchester, focusing on Trauma Informed Yoga.

For me, becoming both a Certified Children’s Yoga  and a Certified and Registered Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor seemed like a natural step forward as an educator and facilitator, allowing me to be fully equipped, to not only continue offering quality programing to the children that I served every day as a teacher in a school setting, but empowering every student that I come in contact with, both children and adults, by providing them new tools and techniques to care for themselves in physically and emotionally healthy ways.